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Student Evaluations 

Labouré College of Healthcare:

Dying in the Human Life Cycle (Spring 2021, Online)














Luzerne County Community College:

Life Death and Dying (Fall 2020, Face to Face)

Qualitative ​Evaluation: 


  • Mr. Lester runs a very unique style class that focuses not only on the material in regards to philosophy but also in regards to helping each of us in his class develop as individuals. I would absolutely recommend this course to everyone, even if it did not count towards their major. ​

  • Professor Lester's class is both enjoyable and engaging for me. He makes the coursework more fun and hands-on, which helps someone like me understand it more clearly. He is also an all-around great person to be around, always happy to help, and overall easy-going. I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to take philosophy within their time here. 

  • Honestly, my favorite instructor this semester! He is very passionate about what he is teaching and makes sure to phrase things to where everyone would understand. It's so great to see someone make an effort every class to make it enjoyable and to have everyone want to participate and voice their opinions and different views on life. I will forever be appreciative of this class! :) 

  • Well-planned classes, he often ties real-world issues into the subject, making it easier to understand. Usage of video example or explanations are extremely beneficial in supporting information and makes it easier to understand. 

  • Alexander is a great teacher. He keeps the class informed, along with making us laugh. 


Lackawanna College:

Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2020, Online)

Quantitative ​Evaluation: 

















Bowling Green State University: 

Introduction to Popular Culture (Spring 2018, Face to Face)

Qualitative Evaluation: 

What did you like best about this course and why?

• I liked the teaching of Alex. He used a lot of visuals to get to us on the topics, which helped rather than reading a definition.


• The engagement in class

• I liked the course material that we went over through the entire course. I really enjoyed being able to discussed and watch current media, films, and music. It made the course more enjoyable to learn and connect to.

How did this instructor promote mutual respect in the class (in terms of class management and course content)?

• There was one time it got a little heated between some students on race and he had to intervene because he is a minority that "passes" as white and had to explain that people of color do not have certain advantages, but he did it in a respectful way and I feel he did not offend anyone.

• He was always prepared and knew what was going on. He knew what he was talking about and always tried to help everyone in the class understand what he was talking about.

• Was always on task and ready to go as well as easy to relate with.


• He did by making everyone feel welcomed with their own opinions.


• He was respectful about our discussions and realized that we all didn't enjoy the same things.

• The instructor made sure that if the class started to get out of hand to approach the class in a calm way and made sure it did not turn into an argument.


 What did you like best about this course and why?

• Just the openness of the environment and how easy it was to be able to speak your mind.

• I enjoyed the environment and the people

• It opened my eyes about the world and how and why we do the things we do. How media is shaped by our culture.

• I liked how it related to a lot of the things we already do and it provides explanations and theories to back things up.

Graph of student evals
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