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Photo Description: Alexander Lester speaking at the Black Scranton Project's Juneteenth Jubilee.

I am a philosopher of education who is particularly interested in the use of popular culture in the classroom (online and off), and how media used in education can affect the epistemological self. I take a critical theorist approach to this research specifically attempting to ameliorate the essentialist work of E.D. Hirsch with that of Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy.

I work as an Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy and Social Science at Lackawanna College, an Adjunct Instructor of Philosophy at Luzerne County Community College, as well as an Adjunct Instructor of Arts and Sciences at Laboure College. 

I am also the founder and organizer of The Popular Culture and Pedagogy Twitter Conference which is my second venture into the Digital Humanities, the first was working with a team of scholars to produce a lib-guide at Bowling Green State University about media literacy.


Any questions, queries, and comments can be directed to alexander.lester@icloud.com