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Photo Description: Alexander Lester speaking at the Black Scranton Project's Juneteenth Jubilee.

I am currently an Instructional Designer at Labouré College of Healthcare.

As an educator, I have a track record of providing high-quality, online, and face-to-face instruction across many disciplines to widely diverse groups of learners.

My outcomes-driven approach to pedagogy emphasizes teaching material as praxis. Heavily leaning into critical and feminist pedagogical practices while staying true to the tenets of philosophy as a way of life (PWOL) and active learning.

I do this by having students apply theory to real-life situations helping them hone their analytic skills to navigate the 21st-century more effectively. This can sometimes be through role-playing, reflective writing prompts, or using theory to dissect the media they are exposed to daily, be this advertisements, social media posts, or a television episode.

Areas of Expertise:

• Teaching and curriculum design.
• Providing enthusiastic and motivational instruction that leads to high retention and transferable skills.
• Creating classroom environments that allow for students to be vulnerable, both online and in-person.
• Instructional design, eLearning, hybrid learning, and learning management systems.

My core accomplishments in the realm of higher learning include:

• Course development, in collaboration with program chairs.
• Creation of elegant, media-based, online philosophy and communication courses.
• Providing differentiated delivery of instructional material through various learning management systems, including Canvas, Brightspace, Jenzabar e-learning, and Google Classroom.
• Successfully taught over 40 undergraduate courses across various schools and disciplines.


• I hold a Masters’ degree in Curriculum and Teaching with over 20 credits of coursework in Cultural Studies.
• I also hold a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy with a minor in ethics.


• I am broadly interested in the current state of higher education, from institutions' resistance to disruption to the effects that faculty precarity has on student learning.

• I am also interested in using popular culture in the classroom (online and off) and how media used in education can affect the epistemological self.